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Underwater photography, a rich, colorful world, documenting your underwater adventures using the most advanced technologies, which you will find only here, including equipment for underwater photography sell of all kinds

In this field we have a lot to offer you, courses, renting of underwater cameras, albums, underwater events and movies productions. As divers, you know the feeling of being unsatisfied when the photos are not good enough, photos you see in different places and wish you could take pictures as good. So now, we offer you a course of underwater photography in an international level. The course is given by Izik Zilberman, a professional and an experienced photographer. You can do the course with your own photography equipment and learn how to get the maximum out of your camera and go back with a photographed experience as you've never experienced before, and if you do not have a camera, you will get one from us for the course. The course is 2 days long.


Day 1:    A full theory of the underwater photographing, explanations of the colors disappearance under the water and how to bring it back

Using an external flash, using correctly the "while balance", a right exposure and composition of the photo, black and white photography, preparing the camera for underwater use while emphasizing the seal of the camera and operation. In today's dive we will apply all the principles from the theory class, use of the shutter, use of the shutter and external flash, after the dive we will upload the photos unto the computer and analyze the pictures while learning from mistakes.

Day 2:    Dives. In each dive we will choose a different underwater photography topic, such as: Macro or wide angled. We will devote the whole dive to that topic.

After the dives, uploading the pictures and analyzing them, a basic studying of editing photos in an edit software. Minimum participants – 2 Maximum participants – 2. Personal attention just like a private course. Price is 1900 shekels for club members and 2400 to the rest. The price includes full diving equipment. underwater HD filming. The goal of the course:  Knowing the filming equipment, general video photography for underwater purposes, knowing the lighting means for underwater video. A right use of the lighting equipment, taking care of the buoyancy while filming, artistic underwater photography, use of imagination, maintenance and handling of video shooting equipment, differences in moist, vegetative and still video photography. Safety procedures and environmental protection in underwater video photography. Time of the course: 2 days+4 dives Price: 2500 shekels for club members, 2900 to the rest.


We provide underwater proposals, production of the video and all underwater photography topics.


Everyone dreams of a perfect and unique proposals the would make your partner an unforgettable, magical moment. We offer you an introductory dive or a guided dive, where we will combine video capturing to commemorate the dive and the proposal. We will help you plan and produce the unforgettable moment. The price of the dive: 240 shekels each and underwater filming: 750 shekels. The price does not include editing. We have a big photography department the will allow you to order a top-quality underwater video. Whether you are a course student or just taking introduction dives you can order photography here. Here you can also get underwater photographs of advertising and advertising films for companies. Our photography team will shoot any idea or fantasy you want at any depth and in every site in the water. We provide actors and actresses to complete the product. In a push of a button you can be impressed of a clip we did for the singer Lior Narkis, as an example of our professional underwater filming work.


We provide you with all the underwater photography, currently existing in the market options, great quality and finishing. For more explanations and orders, you are welcomed to call every day until 08:00 pm to: 089231100

Underwater Photography