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As the largest diving center in Israel for technical diving, we offer certifications at all levels and special diving activities after qualification. We are the best in the field and we employ the best in Israel.

TDI's technical dive is diving beyond the limits of diving, deeper... longer dive time ... sophisticated breathing mixes.

Welcome to the world of technical diving, technical diving will open up a new world of diving and allow you to dive into the depths, to visit wreck ships whose time had stopped, to discover new life and depth creatures. Technical diving is a dive that requires the diver to have a very high level of diving that the diver will acquire during his training as a technical diver. Technical diving will allow you to combine extreme deep dives with infiltration of sunken ships after diving training in an indoor environment. Technical diving requires special responsibility from the diver and the highest level of dive planning. As a technical diver, you can choose between a technical diver course with technical diving equipment as dual tanks and diving with a rebreather.


Technical diving is a special diving club that includes only the best.

This is a special community where everyone knows everyone and plans together to visit places that others have not yet. Technical diving allows you to discover a unique underwater landscape and search for and find sunken ships that have never been exposed. We offer you a training course that will train you to dive to depths of 100 meters + and manage dives at the professional level. Technical diving is not for everyone! Only the good and the devoted would be technical divers. It is important to consult with us before deciding to join the technical world and make sure that you are suitable. After completing your training and certification we will offer you a wide range of dives throughout the country, suitable for technical diver only. Deep Siam is the most recognized dive club in Eilat with technical diving and training of technical divers from all dive clubs. The courses will be given to you by instructors who are considered the first line in this type of diving in Israel and have accumulated extensive experience in the field. You are invited to click on the link and discover the progress of a technical diver.


Technical diving is not taught according to price but according


For further consultation and details about the diving course - technical diving you are invited to call every day until 08:00pm to: 0542444505 

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