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מועדון צלילה דיפ סיאם מעבדה טכנית

At Deep Siam, we have set a goal not only to sell and rent sports and technical diving equipment, but also to provide you with a full range of laboratory services, from the smallest screw to the dive computers.

In Deep Siam there are 3 departments of the laboratory and diving technicians covering all the diving equipment.

One is designed for all types of sports diving equipment such as regulators, tanks including nitrox treatments, BCDs, diving computers and all the peripheral equipment needed for water. The second is a closed systems lab where you will receive full service, repair and spare parts for the rebreathers systems we sell. A complete set of spare parts including the system's computers, which will save you valuable shipping abroad and you will always be able to return to the water in a short time. In the laboratory you will also receive express services for systems in various locations in Israel. The third laboratory is a dry suits lab in which we can replace seals on demand including leakage repairs, which will save you a lot of expenses in shipments abroad and a waste of precious water time.

The Department of Diving Technician Laboratory also conducts training courses for technicians of varying degrees to leading manufacturers in Israel and abroad, as well as special courses. The following is a list of courses: equipment technician course MARES. OMS. HOLLIS.


TDI Oxygen Service Technician: a TDI Oxygen Service Technician course, which will expand the fixing skills you have learned from the equipment manufacturers' training programs, and will teach you the correct techniques and procedures for preparing diving equipment for use with mixtures of gases different from ordinary air. The course will cover topics such as oxygen system components, chemicals for cleaning, oxygen cleaning of tank valves and regulators.

TDI Nitrox Gas Mixer: In the framework of a diving laboratory we will offer you a TDI Gas Mixer Course, where you will get the basic knowledge and skills required to produce nitrox mixtures for sports divers. After reviewing the theoretical subjects, such as taking care of oxygen, gas production equipment and oxygen testing, you will be asked to demonstrate your ability to produce Nitrox mixture and correct labeling of Nitrox tanks.

Advanced TDI Gas Mixer: In the framework of the laboratory, we will offer you the next step when you do the course. In this course you will develop and advance the skills and knowledge you need to produce custom gas mixtures for technical diving, including helium. The theoretical subjects include formulas, gas testing, mixing equipment, mixing systems and oxygen therapy.

To order an annual service and repairs service, you are welcomed to contact us every day until 08:00pm to: 089231100