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The SDI Rescue Diver is the most important course for any diver, self-rescue and rescue is the key to diving safety. The course includes first aid and resuscitation and serving oxygen in an emergency

The SDI Rescue Diver diving course is the most comprehensive course of the courses in all diving organizations.

Diving course Rescue diver is a compulsory course and it has been proven many times that divers trained as rescue rescuers solved water problems that could easily develop into emergency situations. As a diver trained in a diving course, a rescue diver will attract more people who prefer to dive with him because of the confidence they will feel in your water. Each rescue diver will contribute greatly to its diving environment by first knowing how to avoid emergencies and if they happen to be in water, know how to solve them in order to finish the dive safely. Whether you are diving once a year on vacation or on your way to becoming a professional diver as a diving instructor.

Prerequisite: Qualified as a second star diver with at least 20 dives recorded and signature in the dives log.


 The Dive Rescue Diver course is probably the most helpful course you have ever done and will do!

This course will completely change the way you look at diving. Because you begin to take responsibility for yourself, not only, but also on those around you. You can learn how to evaluate situations that have the potential to become emergency situations and how to avoid them, how to respond to emergency scenarios, and also how to execute effective rescue techniques in the event that a state of emergency cannot be avoided. Of course, this may be a little scary, but the prize cannot be quantified if the day comes Where you need to need these skills. The best way to deal with an emergency is to prevent them from happening in the first place. To notice a problem is not always enough, sometimes it requires understanding how a small problem can escalate and cause a real emergency.


Qualifying as diving course rescue diver will teach you how to identify many potential problems and how to stop them from becoming an emergency.

When an emergency happens, a way in which the rescuer responds can be the difference between life and death. The fastest response is not always the most effective. Proper training will help prepare you for a wide range of topics including: an unconscious diver, a drowned diver, a panicked diver, and an unconscious diver on the surface, or in depth. Being prepared for such events will help you make the rescue quick, and most importantly, effective. While a Rescue Diver Diving Course can sound like a lot of work and no fun, the end result is definitely worth it. Chances are, that you will find the course much more enjoyable than you expected, and the more you practice, the better you will dive, the safer, more responsible, capable of dealing with emergency situations associated with diving and helping divers when needed. Your abilities may even save a life in a day's time, and for that there is no price tag which makes the diving course a rescue diver as the most rewarding diving training.

The Rescue Diving Course diver takes 3 days to learn the following contents:

Prevention and causes of diving accidents: stress and psychological factors, panic. Physical conditions. equipment. Drowning syndrome. Saving the life of a diver: self-rescue. Helping the diver. Rescue above and below water level. Types of transport. Underwater resuscitation. Exit techniques from the beach and a boat. First aid and resuscitation to the diver. Familiarity with the provision of oxygen. Accidents related to pressure: Collecting information. Access to a pressure chamber. Accident Management: Access to transportation and emergency assistance. Accident reporting. Warranty and other legal issues.


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