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Dreaming of Baywatch? We will provide you with the real thing!

Rescue Diver Course Dreaming of Baywatch? We will provide you with the real thing! Rescue Diver Course is one of the most important courses in the world of diving courses and is required for anyone who is planning to dive more than twice over the next decade. The course provides practical tools are critically important to every diver and is delivered by a team of experts. What will we learn? The course bestows upon the students the ability to act intelligently, determinedly and effectively in conditions of emergency and distress, either of their own or of their dive peers` - ability which can be life-saving. At the same time the techniques learned in the course significantly improve the participants' diving level and help them perform a more professional experience. Due to its importance, Rescue Diver Course constitutes an additional significant step on the way to the Dive Master Course.

  1. Identifying a diver in distressed and handling the incident above and below the water.
  2. Resuscitation and first aid course.
  3. Stress, distress and panic - what they are and what is their impact on the diver.
  4. Diving - its medical manifestations and medical aspects.
  5. Common possible problems of diving equipment and the way to deal with them.
  6. The marine fauna - characteristics and possible dangers.
  7. Capabilities and techniques for orientation and search.
  8. Practical lessons in assisting divers in condition of distress, rescue exercises different and orientation and scanning.

Admission and Certification

To participate in the course, you must be at least 15, to hold a recognized 2-Stars Certificate and have gained experience of 12 dives (which is the minimum required by law; the expert staff of Deep Siam Dive Club recommend a minimum of 30 dives, to ensure that you will achieve optimal value in this course). In order to successfully pass the course and receive an international SDI Rescue Diver and First Aid certificates, you will have to pass a theory exam and a rescue exam. We invite you to attend this fascinating course and win and unique and critical tools that will dramatically improve your dive skills.