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The regulator is a life supporting equipment and therefore you buy only from a quality company. A quality regulator will decide the level of safety and enjoyment of the dive.

The regulator is the most important ingredient for the diver. Because the air that comes out of the tank is so highly compressed and is changing, we have no way to dive safely and comfortably by breathing directly through the tank. Here comes to play the regulator. Regulators today have 2 stages, and the regulation action is done with these 2 stages. The first stage of the regulator – Reduce the tank's pressure to a middle pressure of around 9 atmospheres, depends on the manufacturer, and from there the air goes to the second stage of the regulator where the diver breaths from, according to the environment's pressure, so that in every depth the regulator's air supplement is compatible so the diver would be able to breath effortlessly, without a risky breathing effort.

Buying a regulator will be done by your needs and not the buyer's

Basically, there are 2 regulators groups. An unbalanced regulator and a balanced regulator. Unbalanced regulators are the cheaper and more simple ones. These regulators, known for their simplicity and in a few moving parts and as a loyal machine with a long work life. The main con of these regulators is the quality of the breath, mainly when the tank is about to get empty and the pressure in the tank is low and in deep dives, and that’s due to the way they're depth and tank affected build. In contrary, balanced regulators are not affected, not from the pressure in the tank and not from the depth pressure and they supply air easier and are considered with better quality. The main con is a high condition treatments frequency, price, sensitivity and many moving parts.

The regulators of SCUBA PRO and HOLLIS are considered the leading ones in the recreational and tech diving market.

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