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A refreshing dive is designated to divers who didn't dive for over 6 months and divers who feel the need to refresh their basic diving abilities, when in the end of it, with an extra payment of 60 Shekels you can keep your equipment all day long.


A refreshing diving is required by the law of recreational dive in Israel and its goal is to refresh your diving abilities after some time that you didn't dive. The refreshing dive lasts around 2 hours and concentrates in it the main topics of the theory and of the underwater exercises. By doing that, you and the instructor make sure that you are able to dive and ready to go to the water. During the dive the instructor will go over the buoyancy and the use of a diving computer. The refreshing dive is not a guided dive where you visit a diving site. The refreshing dive concentrates mainly on important diving abilities and therefore you cannot combine a tour around the sites. For 230 shekels you can go through the refreshing dive and keep the equipment for the rest of the day and enjoy 2 more independent dives, (no guided dives!) including everything. (No club members discount)


The topics and order of the refreshing dive, theory class, briefing and an open sea dive.

Assembling of the equipment under the supervision of the instructor, going over some general theory topics: buoyancy, movement in the water, looking after the environment, dive's physiology, increment and decrement of pressure's affects, depth intoxication, decompression and emergency protocol. An open-water dive. Throughout the dive we will practice: Buoyancy and movement in the water, regulator purge in 2 ways, regulator locating in 2 ways, removing and putting back on the weight belt, fitting of the weights, the use of an alternative air source (The octopus), emergency merge. In the end of the dive the divers will disassemble their equipment and a summary of the dive will be done with the instructor and advices for next dives.


For more information and/or consultation about the course you are more than welcome to call every day until 20:00 to: 0542444505.