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The Prism 2 is a fully closed circuit Rebreather

ideal for exploring open ocean, cave, or wrecks. This unit can be electronically or manually controlled which means you choose how you want the loop PPO2 maintained.

Includes shoulder mounted counter lungs and rear mounted radial scrubber which provide easy breathing with low resistive effort and low hydrostatic loading. The Prism 2 has also been tested by ANSTI at 100M and has the lowest WOB of any mixed gas CCR on the market at 0.94 J/L.

The standard kit includes an electronic secondary control and primary LED displays with a backplate/wing assembly that provides a complete kit ready to dive out of the boxs. Tanks and valves are purchased separately.

For more information and/or consultation about the course you are more than welcome to call every day until 20:00 to: 0542444505.

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