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One Star Diving Course In DeepSiam

Do you know that our Earth area is covered by more than 70% water? Our oceans and water systems that include lakes and rivers that support living organisms is still an unexplored territory 95% visible by human eyes. You may have gone swimming in the sea or snorkeling along a reef ... but now, it's time to take it one step further. See the underwater world as it should look underwater. Become part of an ecosystem that supports so much of our lives and take it to the limit, interacting with colorful bands of underwater fish or diving alongside a flock of dolphins who come to look at you closely. Dive with sharks, dive in caves or dive in sunken ships.


No matter what direction you might want to take in your new lifestyle; It all starts here.

SDI's One Star Diving Course is an entry-level certification course designed to give you the necessary skills to safely manage open water dives. Some of the skills you can learn include buoyancy, proper weighting, marine conservation, scuba diving equipment, proper dive planning, and maintenance. It covers all basic knowledge about equipment, physiology and marine environment. A one star diving course is the key to start exploring dive destinations around the world or just in your backyard.


The SDI One-Star Diving Course lasts 5 days, where you will be trained as a diver and can dive to a depth of 18 meters.

The following is a one-star diving course content.


Open Water Scuba Diver

This initial certification is designed to provide the apprentices with the necessary skills to perform dives in open water in conditions similar to those they practiced without the direct supervision of a counselor. After completing this course, the authorized will be able to dive in open water in conditions similar to those they practiced. Sign up for SDI's 2nd Star Diving Course.

Ratio of instructor to students – 1 to 6

Students prerequisites

The student must have a minimum age of 18 years (without parental consent). The student may be between the ages of 12-18 (with parental consent). Students aged 12-15 can receive one young star diving certificate if the following conditions are met: The trainee practice and dive under the direct supervision of an instructor, up to 12 dives recorded in the log. When a young star dives to the age of 15, he can upgrade his certificate to a single star diver ..


Structure and duration of the course

Open water:

Students need to complete 6 open water dives and stay under water for a minimum of 30 minutes per dive, for a total of 180 minutes. The depth of the practice should be between 6 and 18 meters maximum, 2 dives per day. Maximum depth should not exceed 18 meters. All dives should be performed in daylight. At the end of the dive, the students must fill in their details in their dive log and the instructor must sign the dives.


Subjects of Study Theory

The history of diving. The underwater environment, vision. light. Voice. Loss of heat. Tides. Currents. waves. Surge. Injuries from underwater animals. Physics and physiology: buoyancy. pressure. The Boyle Law. Air space. Compression techniques. Tearing of a lung. Breathing under pressure. Decompression. Repeated dives. Constipation Safety Emergency decompression. Skip decompression. Depth sickness. Oxygen poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas mixtures. Hyperventilation, shallow water fainting. Diving equipment: mask, fins and snorkel. Cold protection - dry and wet diving suit. Buoyancy Control Device (BCD from now on). Regulator. Main regulator. Alternative air source. Tanks. Weights. Instruments: Pressure gauges. Dive computers. diving watch. Depth meters. compass. Diving flag. Emergency signal. knife. Flashlights. Bag equipment. Dive log. Diving Planning Board. Diving ability and over-exertion. Orientation to a new diving site or new environmental conditions. Procedures for diving off a bout. Partner method. First aid.


Requirements for performing skills and completion requirements of a course

The students should complete the following skills: swimming 200 meters without stopping, without mask, snorkel or other accessories, in any swimming style. Or swim for 300 meters with mask, snorkel, and fins. A 10-meter-long survival.

Diving skills:

Assembly and disassembly of equipment. Matching weights. Remove and return weights on the water. Removal and return of weights at depth. Self-examination of the partner before the dive. Emptying a mask - partial, in depth. Emptying a mask - full, at depth. Breathing and swimming underwater without a mask. Using of the BCD: inflation and emptying (by mouth or high pressure) on the surface of the water. Blowing and emptying (using mouth or high pressure) at depth. Removal and return on water. Removal and return at depth. Hovering. Controlled merges. Controlled submerges. Use of regulator: Breathing, emptying and returning on the surface. Breathing, emptying and returning at depth. Swimming under water (proper use of fins). Merges and submerges: Seating. Rolling. Entering with a giant step. Exit in shallow water. Deep water exit. Snorkeling: Match. Empty (by the exhalation method). Change the regulator in a snorkel on the surface. Swimming on the water with snorkel and full equipment. Using a dive computer: Reading and understanding the data. Understanding the functions of your computer. Use of pressure and depth gauges. Communication under water. Rescue methods: Dragging an exhausted diver. Release contractions. Emergency situations of air-conditioning: controlled merge in swimming. The use of an alternative air source (sharing of air with a partner while doing a controlled merge).

To complete the course, the student must:

Display mature and reasonable judgment in planning and performing diving. Sufficiently complete the course test for a single star dive of SDI. Academic studies can be completed through the website. Meet all open water requirements in a safe and efficient manner.

You are invited to consult and get more information about the course on the phone, every day until 20:00. Phone number: 0542444505