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Dive Course Graduate? Love diving? Deep Siam Dive Club offers you a comprehensive course which includes important specialties

such as: rescue and first a specialty – which can undoubtedly save your life and the lives of those around you, under or outside the water; this intensive specialty will expand your diving limits and lead you safely down to a depth of 40 meters underwater; it includes a night specialty and navigation specialty, followed by submarine navigation with and without using a compass. Ending this course will make you eligible for the degree of Master Diver – the senior diving level.

Rescue Diver Course:

Rescue Diver Course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills you need in order to effectively perform first aid under and outside the water, cope with and practice stressful and more. During this internship, you will develop skills such as - how to: self-rescue, rescue partners, recognize and reduce panic of potential divers underwater while submitting proper medical assistance for injured divers , conduct effective search patterns and control the scenes of accident. This course substantially improves the diving level of divers, and constitutes an essential and vital preparatory stage to the Dive Master Course and Assistant Instructor Course. During the course you will practice the following advanced topics:

  1. Pressure, distress and panic.
  2. Medical aspects of diving.
  3. Equipment failure.
  4. Dangers of marine fauna.
  5. Orientation and search.
  6. Assisting a diver in situations of distress and emergency.
  7. Rescue practices.

According to experts, this course constitutes the minimum level that a diver should strive for.

CPROX Administrator Course - First Aid Practice

Further to the Rescue Diver Course, Deep Siam Club desires to expand your knowledge and develop your first aid skills. During this course you will learn how to identify a person in need of first aid, how to submit first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency course, how to provide oxygen and how to use resuscitation device.

Deep Diver Course

Deep dive is an essential course for those interested in exploring a little more and looking to go beyond the 30 meter depth limit. During the course we will teach you how to cope with risks and get the benefits of deep diving. This practice will allow you to explore new sites between 30 and 40 meter deep, as coral walls, coral, shipwrecks and marine fauna that cannot been seen in shallow water. During the course, the following advanced topics will be taught:

  • Air management.
  • Effects of nitrogen intoxication.
  • Deep dive planning.
  • Depths Intoxication.


Many divers find night diving as highly fascinating; eventually, this type of diving becomes their favorite. During a night dive you will experience interactions with marine fauna which cannot be seen in day light. This course aims to enable the night diver, who must struggle with limited visibility, to learn techniques and potential hazards associated with night dives or limited visibility. The divers will do so by becoming familiar with the use of dive lights and night diving techniques such as navigation, separation procedure and more. After undertaking this course, you will be able to safely and comfortable enjoy night dives.

Underwater Navigation Practice

One of the most important practices for divers is good navigation capabilities, either by using compass, or by natural contours. This course will provide you with the tools and skills required for navigation using a compass and natural navigation. During the underwater navigation course you will specialize in the following topics:

  1. Compass's features.
  2. Estimating distance.
  3. Improving the ability to read water contours
  4. Practicing skills above and below water.

The main benefits in this course:

  • Grants its participants with international diploma
  • Specialization in the essential fundamentals of diving.
  • A cornerstone for future advanced courses such as Divemaster and Assistant Instructor.
  • In this course you will complete 50 logged dives with no additional cost.