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The diving sites in Eilat are gorgeous and full of reefs, colorful corals and a lot of fish and wreck ships. We will take you to the most beautiful sites in Eilat when you dive with us.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Satil "Achi Soofa"

The Satil is a missile ship with an amazing history. Was sank in 1994 and since then is one of the most popular diving sites in Eilat. The ship is used today as an artificial reef where you will find many beautiful corals, Fine sponges, huge morenas and if you are lucky you might even see a sea turtle.

Diving sites in Eilat – Japanese Gardens

The Japanese gardens is a unique diving site that allows deep diving along a slope that reaches tens of meters depth, full of corals that you can only see here. Technical divers will encounter the glass ship, "The Yaalat". The shallower divers will be able to go through a colorful reef, full of fish and rare creatures, such as the Barracuda.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Caves

The Caves diving site is a shallow site in the southern beach that provides an experience that feels like a magic! There are 3 caves, 2 of them are too narrow to go through, but there is the third cave that allows crossing through a flock of Gargoyles. There are also large cabbage corals that add a green style to the place. The site is made of many creatures, located in one place.

Diving sites in Eilat – "The Yatush" (The Hawk)

"The Yatush" is a small, touring wreck ship that came straight from the Vietnamese rivers and a service in the Israeli navy. As of today, the ship is used as a diving site in a natural environment, full of corals and beautiful fish. On the way there you will see the big and gorgeous eel garden, the table corals and most of the times pseudanthias. This dive is a deep dive in a slope that ends in 46 meters and is an infinite carpet of corals.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Shark Rock

The Shark Rock allows a deep dive as well as a shallow dive along some amazing coral rocks. The site is located next to a moderate slope, full of corals, where on the bottom there are corals with many different interesting shapes, such as poles, table and even a few artificial structures that were thrown into the water and carried to them a lot of corals to them. In addition, you can continue the dive along the shallow reef that is characterized with TONS of fish and corals.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Moses Rock

The Moses Rock is located within the coral reservation, and you encounter there a huge rock-like coral that inside of it and around it many life forms have evolved. The amount of living things you can see there is immense. A center of life that you have never seen before. You can continue east from there and deepen your dive along a wall that leads all the way down to 42 meters, a rare coral wall and underwater fans that are out of this world. Diving from this site will also lead you to the area of the Japanese gardens.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Paradise

The Paradise is a large field of corals and you can always find there a surprise, such as a wild dolphin, sea turtles, sea bats and more other hidden creatures. The site is located in one of the most gorgeous sites in Eilat and is full of corals. In the area there are large rocks that are covered with Pseudanthias and Sergeant-Majors. The dive goes along a wall of some very impressing corals in a straight large area, and even allows a combination of both the Satil and the Paradise, both in one dive.

Diving sites in Eilat – The Dekel Beach Canyon

The Dekel Beach Canyon is an amazing site, located in a large sandy canyon between two slopes, covered with corals and rich fish life. A road of sand winds down to 40 meters and in both its sides there are amazing coral walls. Following those walls, we'll reach steep walls where we can see some tiny amazing creatures.

We will add additional diving sites in Eilat soon

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אתרי צלילה באילת

Eilat Diving Location Site

אתרי צלילה באילת

Eilat Diving Location Site

אתרי צלילה באילת

Eilat Diving Location Site

אתרי צלילה באילת

Eilat Diving Location Site