Looking for a special and experiential birthday present? Searching for an original idea for a wedding day present? Perhaps you are going to holiday in Eilat and are looking for an all-family attraction?

Deep-Siam Diving Club invites you to an Introductory Dive with full equipment and without the need for any prior knowledge or experience! Diving is a unique and incomparable experience, which places in us in an exciting new microcosm. Diving levitates you to a world of weightlessness, glorious visions as corals and submarine animals - a world of peace and tranquility, in the exciting blue sea.

Introductory Dive with Deep-Siam Diving Club Eilat

The dive will take place in the magical Coral Beach of Eilat, where you can truly enjoy, not only a wonderful underwater quiescent sea, but also a variety of reefs, fish and various submarine living beings. The dive duration is 30 to 45 minutes, for your choice, and the allowed depth is down to 6 meters under the water surface. Dive will only start after a brief explanation of the equipment and safety rules, and will be performed when each diver is accompanied by an experienced diving instructor. The Introductory Dive of Deep-Siam Diving Club is highly recommended for all ages, with no need of diving experience and is perfectly suitable for those who are enthusiastic to get an idea of the unique experience of diving.

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