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An introductory dive in Eilat is an experience that is important that only professional will take you to visit the underwater coral reef in Eilat. The dive is designated for every man above the age of 8 and under 88 and healthy.

The introductory dive in Eilat is designated for beginners without any certification and are interested in experiencing a dive and a storming meet with the underwater life and the colorful corals in the reef of Eilat. An introductory dive in Eilat takes place in the site of the coral reservation beach which is a site full of fish and corals to intensify your personal experience. You can order a dive in 2 different diving sites. The dive includes a private instructor, one on one only where the time under water is 30 minutes minimum. The price of the dive is: 220 shekels. It is recommended to schedule ahead of arrival. The time of the  whole process is around 2 hours, including a brief and a ride to there and back. You can combine in the dive photography and under water video to capture the best moments in your experience. The price is: 150 shekels for a couple for both pictures and videos and 50 shekels extra per extra diver.


If you came to Eilat you cannot miss such an amazing experience of an introductory dive.


The coral reef in Eilat is world-wide known for its rich fish life and colorful corals. During the execution of the introductory dive, your private instructor will show you all the underwater amazing things and will make sure you enjoy the experience. After you finish the dive, we will be happy to offer you to join the diving world and participate in the 1+2 stars diving course in Eilat. We will be glad to hear from you.


For scheduling of introductory dives you are welcomed to call every day until 08:00pm to:0542444505

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