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Hollis Explorer is an almost closed system that allows you to enjoy both worlds, closed and half-closed systems.

If you have thought until now that closed systems are for technical divers only, think again ... Hollis presents the world's most advanced sports system with electronic systems such as that of her older sister Hollis Prism 2 and a design taken from Star Wars. Think of two hours of diving without bubbles with a Nitrox mixture in a single small tank without noise, just you and the fish next to you ... Think about the pictures you want to take but this time the fish will not flee. They will let you picture them ... Think of an infiltration to a wreck ship when you take a video, and this time there are no bubbles that disturb the film and no disturbing background noise of breathing, perfect video ... Hollis Explorer allows you to do this. The world of closed sports systems is a very small world with one leader, Hollis Explorer. The best technology and design of the top designers. this is the way of Hollis as an American company that manufactures diving equipment, do the job for you. It is time to leave the old-fashioned diving equipment at home and go diving with Hollis Explorer. We provide buyers with a service and support lab that handles the system and repairs all of our products, sparing you from expensive shipping abroad and loss of valuable diving time. We provide all the consumables required for diving in a closed Hollis Explorer system at competitive prices and special discounts for our members. Behind us is a mega company in the United States, Hollis, which provides full and high-quality support for its products.


We offer you a complete TDI's Hollis Explorer training course that will take you to Israel's elite diving track.

You are invited to consult and get more information about the Hollis Explorer system and the course on the phone, every day until 20:00. Phone number: 0542444505

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