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קורס צלילה ספורטיבי

Eilat Diving

Eilat diving in Israel offers perfect diving scenario: quiet water, warm, magnificent visibility throughout the entire year, few or no streams, and a tremendous assortment of corals and delightful marine life. The vast majority of the Diving spots are reef locales, and all recreational diving destinations are near on the shore. Basically, no watercraft can be found in Eilat as the domain of diving is very little and the slant drops off too near on the shore implying that around a few minutes you can already reach the depths of 40 meters.

One of the most popular dive sites in Eilat is called the Moses Rock. The Moses Rock is basically a giant ball of rock that contains a breathtaking reef that house outstanding bio-diversity. Other Eilat diving site includes the following:


Yatush Wreck is a 30m Eilat diving spot, which can be visited all throughout the day. It is situated in the northern part of the Coral Beach. Different marine inhabitant can be found inhabiting in the wrecked ship including the crowd of the garden eel, lionfish, morays, cleaner wrasses, anthias and parrot fish. This Eilat diving area can be found in a windsurfing location, so it is recommended to follow the proper way of entering and exiting the area.


University can be found along the Lighthouse beach. It is nestled on the southern part of the Underwater Observatory. In order to go to this Eilat diving spot, it is recommended to ride on a dive club transport. The parking is pretty limited as this is a tow area. To enter the University, there is a buoy line that serves as a mark of the entry point on the northern part of the Lighthouse Beach. This diving spot is an excellent place to spot a tuna and fusiliers.


The giant metal structure shaped like a pyramid can be found on the bottom of the 30 metres drive. The place can be accessed through a dive boat. The dive boat will anchor right at the top of the Eilat diving area. Sponges, soft corals and other marine creatures have treated the pyramid as their home all over the years. There is also an Anglerfish that lives on the apex of the pyramid, and a giant school of pelagic fish tends to pass by from time to time.

Statue Garden

This Eilat diving spot is around 24 meter. Just like the Pyramid, the Statue Garden can only be accessed through a diving boat. There are 4 statues, which are made by Dan Rapaport were submerged in order to promote the creation of artificial reef. This effort was created in order to drive away the divers into the diving spot that is in the brink of permanent damage. You can dive on this Eilat diving spot any time of the day. There are different kinds of sea rays swimming on the area.

South Beach

South Beach diving spot is around 22 m. You will start to notice different coral formations as soon as you hit a depth of 8 m. If you decided to go lower in this Eilat diving area, you will be introduced on large set of table corals. The South Beach is bordering the Princess Hotel. Aside from the wide collection of orals in the area, you will also be welcomed by garden eels, Nudibranch and mantas and rays. During the early hours of the morning, you will be able to spot sea stars enjoying the place before they return again on their hiding place.

Satil Wreck

Satil Wreck is a 24m wreck dive. The Eilat diving spot can be accessed on different times of the day. It is located on a beach that is near the Coral Beach which is the Village Beach. On your way to the wreck, you will found yourself in the presence of Emperor Angelfish and Arabian Angelfish. There are also octopus and eels in this Eilat diving area. As you go near the wreck, you will see a family of lionfish, pipefish, Groupers, barracuda and Fusiliers. If you decided to go deeper on the wreck lionfish and sweepers are ruling the spot.


This Eilat diving spot is a 30m deep dive. It is a garden of coral resting in the heaving plateau. The place can be found in the Village Beach, which is neighboring the Coral Beach. There are different kinds of Chromis and Anthias residing in this diving spot. There are also numerous transparent shrimps, clownfish and sea anemones, octopi and eels bounded in the area of the rich coral reef. You will also be surprised by the Emperor Angelfish, who loves to trail behind the sea divers. It is recommended to bring a compass with you as the landscape down the diving spot can be disorienting.

Neptune’s Table

The Eilat diving spot can be accessed through a diving bot. But there is a tow that serves as an access but it may require an assistance before you can get to the water. The depth of the water is measure at around 25 meter. Diving can also be done at any time during the day. There are plate and table corals down the area. Eels, manta, rays, nudibranch, can be found in the sandy area of the Neptune’s Table. Be reminded that the area of the Neptune’s Table is near the territory of Egypt. You will notice a white and red mark that signifies that the zone is not allowed to cross.

Lighthouse Caves

Lighthouse Caves can be found near the lighthouse on the mountains of the South Beach. This diving spot is perfect for beginners as it offers a great visibility and the diving spot is only shallow. The depth of this Eilat diving spot is measure at around 4-6 metres. Crocodile fish, clownfish, anemone, moray can be found swarming in the area of the cabbage coral. It is also a perfect place to do night diving during a full moon.

Home Reef

The accessibility of this Eilat diving spot makes it a perfect place for night diving. You will be surprised on how friendly the marine creatures are in here. There are different types of mantas and rays in the area. There are also different varieties of trunkfish, wrasse, and eel and sole that considers home reef as their home.