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When you will take a diving instructors course, you can learn a joyful and challenging profession with a good salary and an instant job in our diving club. A diving instructor is not a job, it is an endless payed vacation.

So, you decided to be a diving instructor and want to take a diving instructor course, a great decision!

The SDI course for instructors is designed to teach instructor assistants the knowledge needed to function effectively as an independent instructor. This course is divided into two parts - the Instructor Developing Course (IDC) and the Instructor Evaluation Course (IEC).


Certified diving instructors will be able to:


Teach an Open Water course (one star) to the rank of Assistant Instructor Course only. Teach Advanced Adventure Course. (Second Star)


Pre-requisites from a diving instructor can:

Minimum age of 21 years. Certified diver for at least 12 months. An up to date diving medical examination. Minimum 100 dives recorded at different depths and environments. The SDI instructor assistant's or divemaster's certificate or equivalent. Certified Oxygen Provider . Certification in resuscitation and first aid.


The diving instructors course lasts about 10 days, where we will learn theory content and diving methods, as well as a lot of underwater work and practice.


The structure and duration of the course will be able as following:

The student needs to perform all the required skills for a Divemaster and an instructor assistant at the instructor level. The candidate has to be a guide for 6 months from the completion of the diving course - diving instructor and until the instructor tests are conducted. The minimum course length for the diving instructor course is 40 hours. The minimum course length for diving instructor tests is 10 hours. Minimum 100 hours must be taken in each course. The student can be credited for 40 hours of his Master Diver course.


Course Materials for Diving Instructor course:

A set of SDI procedures and standards. An SDI open water directory, and / or using the online course system.


Required equipment


Basic equipment for SDI's open water diving courses.


Required subjects:

Standards and procedures of SDI. The history of SDI. Products and procedures. How to place an order. Annual Innovations. Registration procedures. Liability and insurance. Risk management: Release from responsibility forms. Methods of instruction: Instruction theory, methods and verbal communication. Classroom lessons. Dives in protected water. Dives in open water. Use of study aids. SDI's home-schooling programs, use the knowledge test. Budget and sales management: budgeting courses. Recruiting students. Organization and Management of a Course Schedule. Retail Sales. Ethics of the Instructor. Physics and Physiology of Diving.

Water Study Topics:

Teach a scuba diver course, teach star 1 diving course, teach star 2 diving course, teach a rescue diver diving course, teach diving specialties, teach Divemaster course, and teach Assistant Diving Instructor course.


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