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Looking for an international insurance?

Here you can get an annual membership that includes many benefits with your insurance purchase. Harel is the best insurant with the best diving insurance and a 24/7 international service.

In Israel, the diver is offered with an insurance policy of different companies.  You can purchase an annual insurance or a shorten one for a few days. Before you make the decision to purchase an insurance, we recommend you to consider the following. First, is the insuring company insurance being for diving. We work with Harel insurance that has proven itself throughout many years' service without a competition and a support team in Israel and in the whole world. Harel offers an annual insurance that costs 199 Shekels (Same price for every diving club in Israel). Harel's diving insurance is an international insurance that covers you in any recreational diving activity you'll do both in Israel and in the whole world. A short insurance of 5 days or 7 days in other companies will cost you 100 shekels, which obviously isn't worth it.


When you get a diving insurance, it is important to get it from the best!

If you are planning on diving in the world, pay attention that most of the insurances do not cover diving activities and a pressure chamber visit. If you will be abroad and in a need of, god forbid, a pressure chamber, you will not get that without you paying a price that could reach thousands of dollars. Before you go diving abroad, make sure your insurance is valid. You can check online if it is, and only after you checked it is, you can go travel with a peace of mind. Harel company grans every insured diver an emergency phone number that responses 24/7 to any diving event and promises that peace of mind you want while having your diving vacation.


When you get the diving insurance through us, you will also get an annual membership in the club, that will grant you many different benefits and discounts when you come to us for diving activities. You are welcomed to read about the requirements for the Deep Siam's Member's Club


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