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קורס צלילה באילת לדתיים

The diving course in Eilat that we offer is adjusted for the religious community and takes into consideration all the special needs.

The course is the most comprehensive course in the world and includes all the contents of the regular course in a special price!!!

Special prices for "Chever" organization, "Histadroot Hamorim" and "Behazdaa"!

Our instructors are specialized in giving a course in the most professional and fun way in small and personal groups. Our instructors are instructors with a lot of experience and many divers were certificated by them. Instructors that came from the "Yeshiva" and know the "Halacha", including Yiddish speakers. The instructing crew includes instructors and instructors certifiers in the 4 top different leading international diving organizations in recreational diving and technical diving, TDI SDI. The diving group Deep Siam as a brand, is the biggest divers center in Israel and is a part of the diving center Deep Siam and is top ranked among the leading diving organizations in the world ! Deep Siam is the only certification center of the leading diving organization under the same roof, a thing that is exclusive to us. The Deep Siam diving center is a diving center that is responsible for certifying more divers in Israel, throughout all the diving levels, more than any other school, and that is due to our instructors' diving levels and ability to certify any level of diving in the world. As a diving center, We are the biggest center in Israel that gives solutions as part of a diving course in Eilat for the religious community.

Deep Siam is targeting 3 things: Safety, Professional certification and Experience. A diving course in Eilat 2 stars for religious starts every Sunday and ends on Sunday, from 7:30am to 3:00pm, and on Friday until 1pm. It is possible to split the 2 stars, as long as you do the first 5 days, which are the first star and come complete in another time the second star. Everyday, as early as from the first day you go into the water. In the first 5 days you will do 2 dives each day and in the last 2 days you will do 3 dives each day/ Every day, in the first 4 days you will be given theory classes in an air conditioned class in front of a HUGE LED screen where you will learn about the sea world and the underwater forces that affect us.

Diving course in Eilat for religious diving sites:

The course includes 16 dives in the sea in the most beautiful beaches in Eilat, which are characterized with many fish and wreck ships. During the course we will visit 8 of the most beautiful sites in Eilat and not only in 1 beach. We will drive you to some breath-taking diving sites, sites where no else will take you. We are not looking to save the expands of driving you to those sites. The most important thing to us is that you get the perfect experience and therefore we will drive you to all the special sites, and do not let anybody tell you that you are diving only in 1 shore just to "not trouble you" with drives. We will take that extra mile for you! We believe that experiences are gathered when you visit a big and versatile diving sites in Eilat and not only in a small shore. During our dives you will get special underwater visits. We promise a special course experience you won't forget. You can take under water experiences with you in a level you will not see anywhere else. Below is a list of the diving sites: "Hof Almog", "Shonit Tamar", "Village beach", "The Satil", "The Yatush", "The shark rock", "Japanese Garden" north and "Sela Moshe and Yehushua". In addition, you will get a night dive in the corals' preservation. Notice that 2 days of the course we will do in the corals' preservation of the Nature and Parks Authority in Eilat where you will see the most preserved sites in Eilat, a thing that is also exclusive to us and you will not find it in any other course package.

Only as part of our religious diving course in Eilat you will see many spectacular diving sites throughout the course. For extended information about the diving course

Diving course in Eilat, Safety:
To grant the best safety to every member, the course as a whole is under supervision of the professional manager, who carries the highest rank in world in the diving world, the "Instructor Certifier" and with personal accompany of the "Instructor certifier", as an extra to the valued and experienced instructors, to ensure the high level of the students as divers in the end of the course. The course is consisted of small groups only to ensure high level of safety and attention to each student, so that in the end of the course you will be high level divers, as well as every student will know how to dive with a private computer in the water throughout all the course, since the very first day. Each diving instructor in Israel and in the world dives with a diving computer for his own safety and does not count on substitutes such as tables. For us, the safety matter is the most important and therefore each and every one of the course members will get a diving computer for his own use for the WHOLE COURSE. We are not saving expands in the safety matter!!!

Diving course in Eilat for religious, The club:

There are air-conditioned classes, with computers and Wi-Fi for free. The underwater diving division, so you can cherish your experience. There are free private hot showers, hot drinks including tea, coffee and milk. Every student will get a private locket to put his personal stuff in. We are located in the entrance of the Corals' preservation, the most preserved site in Eilat. For the lodging matter we will give you an excellent solution. Our lodge is located in the city, so you can go to all the services in the city. Each room is made for 4-6 divers only. Each room has bathroom and shower next to the room, to grant a full privacy. The room includes sheets, in the building there is a reception that is active until 7pm every day.

As part of the Diving course in Eilat for religious, we will pick you up every morning and drive you back in the end of the day to where ever you stay all around Eilat, without extra payment.

In addition: A special and exclusive gift, a coupon for 3 full diving days, that include everything without extra payment after the course.

For your attention: You are not allowed to take a flight for atleast 12 hours after your last dive.
For more information and course in Eilat for Religious registration, you are welcomed to contact every day until 8pm to: 0542-444505