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קורס צלילה באילת כוכב 1+2

A Diving course that includes lodging is what you're looking for? We offer a private lodge where only you'll stay, without strangers. A modern lodge, beautiful, in the center of Eilat, including pick-ups.

When you take our diving course, you do not pay for rides !

When you choose a hostel for the night during a diving course in Eilat that includes lodging, it's very important to notice a few important things that without them even the best diving course would be less fun. First thing, The location. Our lodge is could "The Vila" and is located next to the mall and the promenade (Hatayelet) in Eilat. It is a short walk from a commercial center that has anything you'll need during the course days. Everything you need is really close by. We will drive you every day from the lodge and to it without extra payment, as a part of our Diving course in Eilat 1+2 stars. When you are being offered a course in Eilat that includes lodging, notice that all the diving centers in Eilat are located in the southern beach and if the proposed lodge is next to the diving center or close by that means if you want to go hangout or just go somewhere in the center of the city after the day you'll have to either stay in the lodge or pay 35/40 shekels per way just to go out, and with an easy calculation it adds around 500 shekels to you diving course that includes lodging. And that is without that payment for the lodge itself!

You have arrived at the lodge, what awaits you there? Lodges in Eilat are public, which means that every stranger can pay and stay to sleep at your very own room at any moment, day or night. It is not very pleasant to start looking after  your personal things all the time, getting used to meeting new strangers and not being with your friends for the course time. In our lodge THERE ARE NO STRANGERS! Only members of the diving course in Eilat including lodging can be in the our lodge, which means that you are in a room with your diving group, a thing that provides you with a better course experience and removes every unnecessary worries. When you are with your friends from the course, you can cook together in the kitchen, do homework together and go hangout.

The diving course in Eilat includes a qualitive lodging that  is included whenever you are diving, sleeping, hangout with your friends and during the whole day.


Okay, so you had a fun diving day and you have arrived at the lodge, what are you doing? So, You'll press the remote of your LCD screen and you will find many channels of the cables, without an extra payment. Yes, your very own place. In addition, you can freely use the internet with our private wi-fi which is also free. You want to make a BBQ? Go ahead! Get together with your course friends, go to one of the close food centers, get the groceries you need, go to the private kitchen to set everything, and bonappétit. Notice that in other lodges in Eilat these things will be with an extra payment!


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For any additional question about the diving course in eliat that includes lodging and different upgrading options you are more than welcome to call between 9:00am-8:00pm  to: 0542-444505

Diving course in Eilat 1+2 stars