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A diving club in Eilat, as a part of the Deep Siam group is the leading diving club in Israel!

For many years we were used to get the courses, guided, refresh and introductory dives at a mass level. Every certified diver knows a situation where he wants a guided dive in which he is joined to an existing group for regular and not always enjoyable dive to predetermined sites. We will offer you a large variety of sites in Eilat that meets the needs of each diver and you will choose the sites that interest you and where we will take you! We will make sure that at the end of your refreshing dive, you will know how to do the diving skills and theoretical knowledge, and take all the time you need! The introductory dive in Eilat will be a diving experience in which the diver will experience an amazing journey to the underwater world at the best dive sites in Eilat, according to the things that will interest the diver. The purpose of the many different courses we are conducting is to ensure that the apprentice knows and implements what is being learned and fulfills all the goals of the courses while taking the tutor's personal attention. All the courses are held in Eilat's various diving sites and not only on one site and through the largest dive center in Israel Deep Siam.

Our advantage at Deep Siam is that we as a diving center are committed only to our apprentices and divers!

The courses are conducted in a variety of languages such as: Hebrew, English, French, Romanian, Russian, Yiddish and more ... For the ultra-Orthodox sector, we can provide training and lodging conditions according to the strictest laws. You can pay with convenient payments by credit card and at the expense of the military deposit. Deep Siam conducts diving activities at a diving center with the highest rank in the diving industry, the "5-star Center for Instructor Development". Deep Siam. At the head of the diving activity are instructors with the highest level of training in the world. Deep Siam offers a variety of diving activities, including diving services and diving courses of the world's best diving organizations, TDI SDI. Diving course in Eilat 1 + 2 stars in unbeatable packages ... At the entrance, you can get full details about a variety of diving activities and diving courses that we hold. The diving courses are conducted by senior diving instructors with extensive experience in diving training Deep Siam offers basic and advanced diving courses from the best diving organizations in the world to dive instructors With Deep Siam you can learn to be technical divers and rebreather divers with the most experienced instructors in Israel in the field. Each diving apprentice receives personal attention according to his / her needs and will use the most advanced learning materials in the world of diving and the instructors will also accompany you in purchasing custom diving equipment for your apprentices. Special of diving quality and unique enjoyment.

Courses, equipment and diving services, at the highest level. You are invited to enter the experiences of learning and diving that you did not know.