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Let's save money from the first visit

We are the only diving center in Israel that runs a unique diving club that offers its members special discounts in all their diving activities throughout the country. Let's save money from the first visit

Deepsiam, the only diving center in Israel that runs a unique diving club, offers members special discounts in all their diving activities around the country.

These discounts and specials will be given to members of a variety of diving centers in Israel from north to south by presenting a membership card. Each member will be able to digitally manage his or her dive log online. The diving club organizes special diving activities for members such as diving safaris in Israel and abroad under conditions and prices that others only dream about. Club members will receive discounts in a variety of businesses including accommodation in Eilat and in Israel. Membership members' diving fee: NIS 120


Each apprentice that will take a diving course in Eilat, will receive a ticket and membership for free for a year and after a year can renew at a very symbolic price for another year.

When purchasing / renewing annual diving insurance you will get membership for a year at no additional charge! Only members can track the special activity through the news blog on the main page of the site. Members are the only ones who can comment and write on our news blog, share experiences, and see materials and photos for friends only. To order the ticket, please contact us by e-mail.

Additional benefits of diving club membership members

Club membership card gives you a 20% discount for different activities such as a guided dive, refresh dive and more and rental of sports equipment. The membership will also grant 10% on additional advanced courses such as: Specializations: Depth, Night, Computer, Shipwreck, Scooter and more. Rescue and first aid course, Dive Master, technical track and more. 10% discount on shopping at our dive equipment store. We hold the most versatile and professional diving equipment store in Israel. Here you will find all types of diving equipment from diving mask to closed circuit diving system. In the store we will provide you with professional advice at the highest level that will give you senior diving instructors and not "sales people". In addition, you will receive 20% discount on accommodation in the "Pundak" inn, a private sleeping area in the center of the city with a large and pleasant courtyard, 6 shared rooms (4 to 6 people in a room, depending on the room type) Shower and toilet, cable TV and internet and in-room kitchenette in some of the rooms.

No one will offer you such accommodation at our prices!!!

For students, a shuttle service during the course is free of charge. 10% discount in various restaurants in Eilat. The list of restaurants is updated from time to time, among them: the beach restaurant "Barbeach", the Barbis restaurant in Ofira Park, and the "Pedro" restaurant. 20% discount on all diving activities at the Indigo Diving Center in Shavei Zion near Nahariya. Special offers on underwater photography equipment and packages for club members. The membership card will be awarded free of charge to any diver who has made a 1 + 2-star course. * Club membership certificate is personal and cannot be transferred to another person. The discounts and offers will be presented by presenting a membership card only! We will be happy to host you for further courses and various dives at the club.

To order a diving course or diving activity, you can call from 08:00 to 20:00 to: 0542-444505

You are welcomed to fill in the registration form and the certificate will be sent to your home. If you have done insurance on the site, please indicate this and you will not be charged.