Divemaster is the most interesting and challenging course in the diving world; it is designated for divers who are well interested in reaching to one of the highest diving level.

The skilled staff of Deep Siam Dive Club will lead you step-by-step in this important and fascinating course, until you obtain your prestige certificate and be able to lead a group of certified divers yourself, professionally and effectively.

What will you learn?

The course aims to improve the diver's abilities in all aspects of diving, based on the well-established experience of the training staff. In the duration of the course, you will experience between 25 to 30 training and guiding dives, where you will acquire new practical tools, essential skills and hours upon hours of pleasure!

The course's graduates benefits:

  1. Skills in leading groups of certified divers and dive training.
  2. Extensive and base theoretical background.
  3. High-level personal diving
  4. Enjoyable and safer diving experience.
  5. Opportunities of professional employment, as a hobby or as a profession

Over the most challenging and enjoyable days you will ever experience, you can learn both theory and practice about:

  • Physics and physiology of diving.
  • Advanced diving equipment
  • Decompression and dive tables.
  • Leading professional dive briefing for groups.
  • Practical classes in first aid and assistance for the diver in conditions of distress and emergency situations.
  • Submarine navigation and searching.

Requirements for admission and certification:

In order to be accepted to this important and prestigious course, you must:
  1. Be 18 at least.
  2. Possess a recognized 2-star certificate.
  3. Have gained experience of 32 logged dives (including 25-30 dives training undertaken during the course).

This efficient and effective course it is a perfect solution for extending your length of stay underwater and empowering the diving experience. We welcome you to attend this fascinating and join the exclusive club of the Divemaster certified. Let yourself enjoy high-level of personal diving; get unique and essential tools to enrich your diving experience!