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A diving computer is a life saving diving equipment. A diving computer replaces the old tables and updates in real time

In your 1+2 stars course you learned how to plan a dive without decompression, using diving tables. The tables are built so that exactly whatever you have planned outside the water will happen in the water. Unfortunately, it's not always like that and not everything we plan really happens, and therefore there is no real replacement for the computer, which samples your current state in real-time and gives a safe solution for any exception or any lack of attention. It is important to mention that a recreational diver cannot exceed from the table's deco-less times. In case of emergency, the diving computer will be the only thing that separates between finishing a safe dive and troubles! It's not rare that divers failed to manage their bottom time, yet finished the dive safely thanks to their computer. Don't go diving without it. The personal diving computer guarantees a full compatibility and correctness during your dive. The diving computer is purchased from a reliable and a known manufacturer in the diving industry with experience both in recreational and tech diving.

The diving tables are built on an old mathematical model that was not updated for decades while the diving computer updates all the time.

We are offering you diving computers from the leaders in their field, HOLLIS and SCUBA PRO. We advise you to consult with us and pick the brand that first your diving activities. A computer for recreational dives that includes nitrox will be way cheaper than a computer for technical dives, that allows changes of gas WHILE diving. Maybe you'd prefer a computer that can be also used as a fashion watch, to use it in your everyday life, which would obviously be more expensive than a large computer that fits you only when u dive. Here you can find all the options in the best prices. When you go diving in Israel or abroad it is very important to ask for a diving computer when you rent equipment, and prefer the diving club that will not take extra charge for that lifesaving, first degree safety equipment.

For more information about diving computers, you are welcomed to call every day until 08:00pm to: 0542444505