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Scuba diving is one of the most popular recreational water sports today. There is an increasing number of enthusiasts, retailers selling equipment, and scuba diving sites. That’s why there are lots of people who are looking for the best places to scuba dive. Whether you are looking or the ideal spot to take your first dive or you are already a scuba pro, below are some of the dive spots that will surely satisfy your thirst for underwater adventure.

Maaya Thila, Maldives

Maldives is one of the most popular dive sites because of its exotic marine life and coral reefs. Because it is isolated from large landmasses, it has seasonal sea currents that go through various channels to create various atolls with rich marine ecosystems. There are lots of marine species that you will meet underwater in Maaya Thila. These include tuna jacks, butterfly fish, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, eels, and anemones, just to name a few.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

For scuba divers who are willing to take the long journey from the port of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, then Cocos Island is the perfect dive spot. The island is surrounded by waters where you can find white-tip reef sharks and scalloped hammerheads. As one of the best places to scuba dive, Cocos Island has steep drop-offs for advance divers, as well as relatively shallow waters for beginners. The island is a national park and tourists are not allowed to camp in it. The only way to scuba dive in the area is through a live aboard.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora bora is known as a destination for honeymooners across the globe, but it is also one of the best places to scuba dive. It is often called the Shark Capital of the Pacific because of the various species of sharks that can be found in the region. Divers are able to dive alongside sharks that include lemon sharks, grey reef sharks, and black tip sharks. Aside from sharks, there are also manta rays, moray eels, rainbow jack fish, and giant wrasses.

Puerto Galera, Philippines

The Philippines is composed of more than seven thousand islands. And one of the best places to scuba dive in the world is Puerto Galera. It is one of the most popular spots for underwater photographers because of its magnificent coral reefs and lots of marine life.

Kona Mantas, Hawaii, USA

Keahole Point has a shallow bottom, but it provides one of the best underwater views during night time. Large mantas feed on planktons in the area that are attracted by the light coming from the divers’ flashlight. On a good night, there will be at least a dozen of mantas swimming in the area. Manta dives are popular today, and the Keahole Point can be crowded.

Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island is just five miles from Townsville in Queensland. It is one of the best places to scuba dive because it provides a wide range of options for divers. While it doesn’t compare diving in the Great Barrier Reef, it has plenty of marine wildlife. Visibility in the area is also great most of the time. Near Magnetic Island is the Yongala shipwreck. It is a shipwreck that is full of life that includes manta rays, octopuses, bull sharks, turtles, sea snakes, tiger sharks, and clouds of fishes. Corals have also grown on the surface of the best places to scuba dive. It is protected by the Historic Shipwrecks Act of Australia.

Namena Reef, Fiji

Fijian village chiefs have been protecting and managing the Namena Reef to preserve is marine life and coral reefs. The Namena Marine Reserve requires admission fee that is paid in advance. Revenue from the fees are used to maintain the mooring buoys and other costs connected to preserving the health of the reef. When you dive in Namena Reef, you will be able to swim with schools of barracuda. And when you make your descent in the 1,000-foot vertical drop-off, you will be followed by coral snakes and other marine life.

Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia

Blue Corner Wall is one of the best places to scuba dive if you are looking for a wall dive spot. You will find pelagic marine species that include eagle rays, snappers, Napoleon wrasse, jacks, sharks and barracudas. And if you focus your attention on the wall, you will find morays, mantis shrimps, and more that are living within the thick corals.

Capo d’Acqua, Italy

Not all the best places to scuba dive are found in the ocean. Capo d’Acqua is found high in the mountains of Abruzzo area in Italy. It is a small lake with clear water. When you dive into the lake, you will find medieval ruins. It will take you at least 45 minutes to explore all the buildings in the lake.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea was once unknown to a lot of divers, but those who have dived in the waters surrounding the country have attested that it has everything that divers look for. Papua New Guinea has shallow reefs, private lagoons, atolls, and deep drops. It also has various shipwrecks that sunk during World War II. These are the reasons why it is one of the best places to scuba dive.

Eilat, Israel

Last but definitely not the least in the list of best places to scuba dive is Eilat, Israel. Most of the dive sites are reef sites and reachable from the shore. In only a couple of minutes of swimming from the shore, you will be able to reach the dive spot. One of the most interesting dive site in the area is the Nature Reserve, which is where the Moses and Joshua Rocks are found. The Moses Rock is a large coral head that has a healthy marine life. There are also several wrecks in Eilat that include the well-preserved Satil. Some of the marine wildlife that you can find in Eilat dive spots are clown fishes, parrot fishes, lionfishes, turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, blue spotted rays, and a lot more.