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7 Places of the Best Diving in the World

Are you ready to take on a relaxing and intense underwater adventure? Then there are certainly a lot of diving spots you must explore around the world. Diving is a one-of-a-kind experience, and it’s something anyone should not miss out on. Check out the best diving in the world and you’ll definitely have the most fun all year round with these spots:

Almog Beach, Isreal as the Best Diving in the World

Almog at Eliat would be one of Israel’s sought after coral reefs in the world. At present, there are over two hundred fish species, which divers can gaze at as they go into the deepest blue waters of this diving site. If you’d like to see cascading mountains and clear blue waters, you must definitely check out Almog. This spot is one of the best diving in the world, and there are also professional instructors who will walk you through the process of diving safely and properly. The Coral Beach is also a stop over every diver should not miss out on. This nature reserve may be one of the reasons why Almog is the best diving in the world. Along with the colorful fishes, the plants and well-preserved corals showcase Israel’s beauty in the deep blue sea.

The Tropical Palawan, Philippines

For divers who would like to see the sun’s rays even at the deepest levels of the sea, they should visit Palawan. This area is a favorite among divers, as its clear waters also have scenes of the World War II shipwrecks. These may already be the homes of fishes and anemones, but divers can explore its safer spots and see traces of the war, which took place in the Philippines. Some professional divers would say this area is one of the best diving in the world. When divers reach the blue waters’ surface, they can also see the lush, green bushes of the mountains, along with the caves’ splendor. These are just a few reasons why Palawan is considered as one of the best diving in the world. There are hotels, which surround the diving spots, which make this spot quite relaxing and rejuvenating for divers to see.

The Challenging Sipadan Malaysia

For divers who would like to see a bit more intensity and traffic of fishes underwater, then they must definitely check out the Barracuda Point in Malaysia. Those who would like to see the best diving in the world, with a little more level of difficulty can see schools of fishes swim swiftly past the divers. Barracuda fishes are quite abundant here, and they’re the highest cause of wondrous fish traffic in Spiadan. You can also see turtles on the other side of the ocean. It would be the divers’ choice whether they would like to peacefully swim along the high concentration of barracudas, or simply observe them a few feet away while still underwater. These factors are what makes Sipadan the best diving in the world.

USS Liberty Wreck in Bali, Indonesia

Aside from its temples and beaches, divers would be mostly fascinated by this area’s wreck site during World War II. Divers who find themselves equally fascinated by historical heritage and adventures will certainly find this spot as one of the best diving in the world. Aside from a crashing cargo ship, which was hit by a Japanese torpedo, more action took place in this dive site. A volcanic eruption took place, several years after the crash. The remnants of the wreck have led to schools of fishes and formations of their homes under the sea. This should also be ideal for group diving, so divers would feel like the swim would be more of a full team effort. All these and more can be seen despite few spots can be considered as the best diving in the world.

Huge Fishes at Richelieu Rock, Thailand

Divers can certainly see peaceful whale sharks as they check out one of the best diving in the world. Aside from the crystal blue waters, colorful fishes and interesting mixes of corals, the Richelieu Rock site is also home to whale sharks and sting rays. This place is quiet and harmless for wondrous sea creatures to surface and swim with divers. It would be important for divers of all levels to still thoroughly listen to their diving instructors, so they can fully enjoy one of the best diving in the world. Beginners should not also worry much about the diving difficulty of this site since it’s fairly considered a leisurely type of swimming area.

The Belize Barrier Reef for the Most Advanced Divers

This next site is among the best diving in the world, but for a different set of reasons. The Great Blue Hole is located in Belize and up until now, it leaves a lot of mysteries for extreme divers. What used to be dry land ten thousand years ago sunk and became home to stone formations, stalactites, sharks, deep sea crabs, and other sea wonders. It takes professional and advanced divers to entirely explore the Great Blue Hole. What makes the exploration even more fascinating would be how it would take heavy duty speed boats to reach the site. This best diving in the world has dark blue waters, which indicate how deep the barrier would be. Expect to dive as deep as 130 meters while exploring this site.

Galapagos Islands

For those who would want to keep questing for challenging dive sites, this second largest marine reserve is another must-see. Divers can see the Darwin and Wolf site, which has sharks swimming along. Since this is a marine reserve, divers can take advantage of seeing hundreds of fishes, turtles, and other marine animals in just one dive. The Galapagos is one of the best diving in the world because of how it has been naturally preserved, and commercial fishing is not allowed in this site.

If you’re going on a diving expedition soon, list up these best diving in the world sites. Have the most exhilarating and refreshing dive. Explore the wonders of the world’s seas today.