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Know how to balance yourself properly? How to dive to a shipwreck and remain safe? We have a comprehensive course for beginners, including 4 essential specialties which are the foundations of advanced diving.

Advanced Buoyancy Internship

This specialty will help you implement the foundations of advanced buoyancy and ways to control your buoyancy capabilities. This will allow you to enjoy the freedom of gravitation, making less effort and using less air while becoming more balanced under the water. During this internship you will practice the following advanced topics:

  • Breathe control.
  • Proper adjustment of dive weights.
  • Proper placement of dive weights.
  • Proper body position underwater and correct balancing.
  • Streamlining the dive equipment and improving balance.
  • Factors influencing buoyancy

Computer Practice – Computer Diver

This course will help you practice operating your dive computer. Nowadays, plenty of divers use a dive computer; this skill is indeed very essential for monitoring and documentation of dives, including depth, water temperature, the rate of rising / descending and other important parameters.

  • Computers vs. Dive Tables.
  • How to display and read data.
  • Different types of dive computers.
  • How to plan a dive using a dive computer.
  • How to operate a dive computer.

Shipwreck Diving Practice

Diving into a shipwreck can be one of the most fascinating aspects of diving; it can uncover amazing pieces of history, such as: the Missile Boat (Satil) site of Elat and other shipwrecks around the world. In order for you to be safe, we highly recommend practicing shipwreck diving, thus maximizing safety underwater.

Marine Ecosystems Awareness

As divers, we are interested in protecting the marine environment. In many cases, we do not possess sufficient information regarding the sites were we perform the dives. This practice will help us increase our awareness to the marine ecosystems, the problems ecosystems have to face and our role, as divers, in protecting the marine resources.

Main advantages of this course

The first dives are performed together with an instructor, as a soft landing for the novice diver. Specialization and Expertise of the diving foundation: essential for every diver. A basis for future advanced courses. In addition to the instructed dive course, 9 more dives will available for the diver, independently or instructed, with no extra cost. Introductory price is only 1200 NIS for all the four practices + 9 post-course dives, either independent, or instructed!